PHP and Graphics: Generating Images

Learn how to create dynamic images using PHP’s GD library. This server-side scripting language offers powerful features for generating and manipulating graphics, so that you can create images on-the-fly and manipulate existing ones. Discover the possibilities of dynamic image creation, from simple charts to complex photo galleries. Ensure the GD library is installed and enabled on your server, then follow the basic steps to start creating images. Explore advanced techniques like adding text, applying filters, and optimizing performance.

10 mins read

PHP and Image Processing

PHP is a powerful server-side scripting language widely used for web development. It offers functionalities for image processing, including resizing, cropping, and filtering images. To work with image processing in PHP, ensure that the GD library is installed and enabled on your server. PHP’s image processing capabilities are versatile, allowing developers to handle media-rich content effectively.

6 mins read