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If you are an avid RC enthusiast, the Spektrum Smart ESC Programming Update Box is a must-have tool for you. This compact black box is designed to help you review, adjust, and save the operating parameters of your Avian and Firma electronic speed controls with ease.

With the included USB cable, you can conveniently connect the programmer to your PC and update Smart ESC firmware in a snap. No more hassle of searching for firmware updates manually! Plus, the Spektrum SmartLink app allows you to adjust parameters effortlessly, giving you full control over your speed controls.

But that’s not all – this versatile programmer also doubles as a LiPo battery cell balancer. It’s always important to ensure that your LiPo battery cells are balanced for optimal performance and longevity, and the Spektrum Smart ESC Programming Update Box makes it easy to check the balance and keep your batteries in top shape.

Whether you’re a seasoned RC hobbyist or just starting out, this programming update box is a game-changer. It simplifies the process of updating firmware, adjusting parameters, and checking battery balance, saving you time and effort. So why wait? Get your hands on the Spektrum Smart ESC Programming Update Box and take your RC experience to new heights!

Key Features:

  • Review, adjust, and save Spektrum Smart ESC parameters
  • Update Smart ESC firmware through PC connection
  • Adjust parameters conveniently with Spektrum SmartLink app
  • Check LiPo battery cell balance for optimal performance

Needed to Complete: Compatible Spektrum Smart ESC and PC with internet access

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